10 Guidelines for Using an Eyelash Curler Properly for Beautiful Eyelashes
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10 Guidelines for Using an Eyelash Curler Properly for Beautiful Eyelashes

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10 Guidelines for Using an Eyelash Curler Properly for Beautiful Eyelashes

Curl Your Lashes Before Mascara

After using mascara, most ladies practice curling their eyelashes. You shouldn't be doing that, though. After using mascara, you shouldn't curl your lashes since they will become stiff and less flexible. When they are stiff, attempting to curl them with a curler might cause breakage or fallout. The lashes should thus always be curled before applying mascara.

Maintain Clean Lashes

Maintaining clean eyelashes is a crucial tip to keep in mind when curling your lashes. Regular eyelash cleaning will help you maintain clean, moisturized lashes that are easy to put mascara on. Therefore, it is always preferable to clean your lashes and use makeup remover before using a lash curler. You will undoubtedly get the best outcomes from this.

Always Keep Your Eyelash Curler clean. 

Another thing that might stop your eyelashes from appearing excellent is not keeping your eyelash curler clean. A soiled or infected eyelash curler increases the risk of microorganisms touching your eyes and eyelashes. Wash your eyelash curler with some soapy water. Wash it well, then use a cloth to pat it dry.

Slightly Heat The Curler

Heating your curler will ensure that it correctly curls your eyelashes and that the curls persist for a longer period of time. Metal curlers are required for this so that the curler may be heated up quickly. Use a blow dryer to adequately warm the curler. To ensure that the lashes are correctly curled, curl them as soon as possible with an eyelash curler.

Hold on

To effortlessly curl the eyelashes using an eyelash curler, hold on to the curler for a brief period of time. The curler should be heated and held on the lashes for 20 to 40 seconds. Keep in mind that the greater the curls you achieve on the lashes, the longer you hold them.

Put Vaseline on your lashes. 

To give your lashes a dewy appearance, apply some Vaseline to them. Make sure to keep your eyelashes clear of dirt and dead skin by cleaning your eyelashes or eyelids. Apply some Vaseline to the eyelashes. Apply an eyelash curler now in the same manner. By using this technique, you can give your lashes a full, hefty appearance.

Don't tug

 When using the eyelash curler, be sure not to tug the lashes. Instead, softly curl them. Using the eyelash curler to pull them might damage them and cause fallout. Pulling your eyelashes with a curler won't ever get them curled; on the contrary, it will severely harm them.

Dry Them Correctly

After applying mascara, letting your eyelashes dry is another crucial step. Additionally, use the same motion you used to curl your lashes to apply mascara. The mascara needs time to dry. Whoa! You have the greatest eyelashes I've ever seen.

Begin Curling from the Root

Curl the lashes from root to tip throughout their whole length to raise them.

Finish with Mascara

If you are using an eyelash curler to curl and lift your lashes, it is wise to invest in a strong volumizing mascara to give your entire eye makeup more drama and radiance.

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