Are baby nail clippers more costly than ordinary nail cutters?
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Are baby nail clippers more costly than ordinary nail cutters?

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Are baby nail clippers more costly than ordinary nail cutters?

When comparing apples to apples, I've discovered that infant nail clippers are usually the same price or even less expensive than adult clippers. You may spend as much money as you like on beautiful cases, designs, and accessories, as with most things, but sticking to the fundamentals can save you money.

In general, basic infant nail clippers should cost between $2 and $12.

Any choice in this price range will almost certainly be safer and more effective than a standard adult version, and you will undoubtedly get a lot of value out of a decent clipper, especially if you expect to have more than one child. In our situation, we bought a version of the original Safety 1st Steady Grip nail clipper (see reviews and buy on our website) years ago, and it's still in excellent condition. It's on the low end of the price range, and you can't go wrong with it.

If we lost the one we have and needed to replace it, I would select the NailFrida 'SnipperClipper' from Fridababy since we have appreciated and found their other items to be of great quality. Friends and relatives have also regularly suggested them to us because of their worth. This package (available on Amazon) is within the pricing range mentioned above and includes a nice s-shaped infant nail file to help round off edges and lessen the need to cut the nails as frequently.

Should I buy my infant's nail clippers separately or as part of a grooming kit?

If you've ever been in the baby aisle of your local supermarket, you've probably noticed a slew of little grooming kits that come with a dozen or more accessories and claim to be a one-stop shop for pretty much everything related to your baby's personal hygiene and sometimes some basic healthcare as well. They are typically priced between $10 and $25 and are available in boy- or girl-themed hues as well as various entertaining patterns.

To be honest, my wife and I received one of these as a present (really, we received two!) before the birth of my twins and thought it was the nicest thing ever because it had so many things in it! They usually contain the following:

Various types of baby brushes and combs

Files and nail clippers

Medicine dispenser in the shape of a bottle



booger sucker in the bulb style

Bandages, alcohol pads, and tape are examples of basic medical supplies.

Case for transporting

While some of these grooming kits can be a nice buy, and I wouldn't throw one away or return one if given one as a present, the problem with them is that while they include everything, nothing screams out as high quality, and the individual items sometimes feel cheap.

To put things in perspective, nothing from our original kits lasted more than a few years before being replaced with higher-quality standalone goods. Keeping this in mind, I recommend purchasing a baby nail clipper separately from one of these packages.

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