How to Get a Manicure at Home in 10 Easy Steps
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How to Get a Manicure at Home in 10 Easy Steps

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How to Get a Manicure at Home in 10 Easy Steps

A beautiful manicure not only looks and feels lovely, but the expense of salon manicures may quickly build up over the course of a year. You'll need our crucial steps for a DIY manicure at home—for a fraction of the cost—if you want to save time and money on manicures. We recommend setting aside 1-2 hours for this self-care practice so you can rest without feeling pressured.

The Ideal Manicure at Home

Step 1: Gather all the necessary tools. Keep the following items in a bag that is always assembled and ready:

Step 2: Take off any existing nail polish. The question is whether to use acetone or not.

Step 3: Form your nails. If necessary, clip your nails and then gently file them into shape. In general, a slightly rounded nail shape or square-rounded edge is preferred, but you may be as creative as you wish.

Step 4: Relax and soak. Ahh, the enjoyable part. Put your hands in a basin of warm (not boiling) water and add a few drops of your light face cleanser or shampoo. Soaking the cuticle before cutting is essential, but over-soaking causes skin and nail damage, so keep this step to three minutes or less.

Step 5: Apply callous or cuticle remover to the affected area. When removing the thicker skin around the nail, a little cuticle remover will come in handy!

Be Natural Cuticle Eliminator is one of our all-time favorites. It's strong stuff, despite the name, so don't leave it on the cuticle region for more than a few seconds.

Step 6: Trim the cuticle and calloused skin surrounding the nail. Gently press the cuticle back away from the nail with the cuticle pusher from your kit, but not too far, as this might harm nail development or shred the cuticle.

Now is also the time to remove hangnails around the sides of the nail, but be cautious not to cut into the nail or the skin too deeply.

Step 7: Apply moisturizer. To moisturize and nourish skin, massage a creamy body butter, moisturizing body balm, or silky, fragrance-free oil into the cuticles and all over the hands.

Step 8: Polishing preparation If moisturizing components remain on the nail, paint will not adhere effectively. Apply nail polish remover to the nail's surface using a cotton swab or pad to remove any residue. Step 9: Apply nail polish in layers. To strengthen weak or brittle nails, apply a base layer of ridge-filling nail lacquer. A base layer also protects your nails from staining (particularly if you choose a red nail color) and keeps them from chipping. Next, put on your color polish, allowing each layer to dry between coats. Two coats of color polish, followed by a top coat to give it shine, should be enough.

Use a lighter shade of polish if you're new to nail painting; any mistakes will be less obvious!

Step 10: Apply moisturizer again! Moisturizer is required to keep your hands and nail region looking healthy. This important product is required for beautiful nails and hands.

You can surely give yourself a gorgeous manicure if you have the correct equipment and apply the right techniques. Of course, getting a professional manicure for special events or simply to be pampered is fine, but learning how to do it yourself may save you a lot of time and money!

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