How to Trim Your Own Eyebrows
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How to Trim Your Own Eyebrows

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How to Trim Your Own Eyebrows

We'll be the first to admit that brow grooming may be scary, not to mention time-consuming. Aside from the worry of having uneven—oor worse, overplucked—bbrows, keeping up with eyebrow shape and maintenance may be vexing.

However, as irritating as it might be, brow care is necessary if you want to create a specific sort of professional cosmetic appearance. Regular cuts will also make it much simpler to keep unruly brows in order.

Don't worry if you don't know how to clip your brows. Here, we'll show you how to trim your brows step by step, as well as the equipment you'll need to achieve the ideal set of brows.

Is it necessary to trim your brows?

Before we get into how to trim your brows, you might be asking if it's essential. If you get your brows professionally done on a regular basis, trimming them in between sessions can help you maintain the polished appearance that clipped brows provide. The occasional haircut can also help prevent stray brow hairs from sticking up in unexpected places during the day, which is something no one likes.

How Frequently Should You Trim Your Brows?

As a general guideline, you should strive to trim your brows once a week. However, if you have an upcoming function, you may want to give your brows a brief trim beforehand. If you're aiming to develop your brows, though, you may leave more time between cutting sessions.

How to Shape Your Brows

Now that we've covered the fundamentals, let's move on to our lesson. To become an eyebrow trimming pro, follow the instructions below. We guarantee it will be simple.

Brush Your Brows

First and foremost, sweep the front of your brows upward toward your hairline using an eyebrow comb. This allows you to see which hairs have grown longer than others, which is why you should trim your brows in the first place.

Cut Long Hair

Examine the brushed-up hairs. See which ones tend to line up with the top of your brow and which ones are longer. Trim any noticeable hairs with angled eyebrow scissors. Remember, you can always cut more hair later, but you can't add more hair if you take too much away. Take your time and cut in little increments, especially if you're anxious.

Repetition of the Procedure

Brush the hairs upward once more in the central region of your brows. Trim as necessary. Then, on the tail of your brow, use the same comb and trim procedure.

Use a Brow brush

Brush your brows in the direction you would shape them with a spoolie. This can help you visualize how your newly clipped brow hairs will fall naturally. If you see any out-of-place hairs, use your angled scissors to snip, snip!

Review Additional Instructions

While combing your hair upward is an easy method to draw attention to long, unmanageable hair, brushing it downward is also useful when cutting your brows. This ensures that no long hair is left untrimmed.

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