How to use eyelash curler
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How to use eyelash curler

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How to use eyelash curler

People certainly want thicker, longer, curlier lashes based on the popularity of lash lifts and lash growth serums. So it comes as no surprise that eyelash curlers continue to be widely used. Although it resembles a device from the Middle Ages, this desired beauty tool can be found in cosmetic kits all around the world. If you know how to use an eyelash curler properly, adding this tool to your regimen won't take more than a few minutes and will pay off greatly.

Ready to incorporate this little yet useful tool into your routine? We're providing a step-by-step cosmetic lesson on how to use an eyelash curler because using one for the first time might feel intimidating. Let's first discuss the qualities of an excellent eyelash curler.

How to Pick a Good Eyelash Curler

Is a lash curler necessary? The experts claim that it is. According to beauty artist and CEO of Lash Star Beauty, Dema Jaber, "an eyelash curler elevates your makeup look." Using an eyelash curler lengthens the lashes and makes them point up rather than straight out, giving you a more open-eyed look and long, full lashes. However, certain eyelash curlers are superior to others, just as with any product.

Round Rubber Pads

Celebrity makeup artist AJ Crimson advises, "Make sure the curler you use has a rounded rubber pad in the base of the curler." The ideal cushion is one that is both big and soft. This improves user comfort and serves to prevent your lashes from breaking when put under stress.

Curlers Who Open Easily

Make sure the curler is pleasant to handle and that it opens and closes without difficulty. The last thing you want when yanking the curler open forcefully is for your eyelashes to get caught on it.

A Curve to Fit Your Eyes

The curve should also match the contour of your eyes. The somewhat varying shapes of each eye curler may or may not be effective for you. The best course of action is to test them out at a beauty shop before making an internet purchase.

Advisory Picks

Individual preferences will differ with regard to the last two features to look for in an eyelash curler, so don't be afraid to compare products until you discover the one that works best for your lashes.

Using an Eyelash Curler

Although using an eyelash curler is rather straightforward once you know how, there is definitely an art to the procedure. If you follow this detailed eyelash technique, you'll be able to get those fluttery, Bambi-like lashes every time.

Step 1: Start With No Makeup on.

When using a conventional eyelash curler, users frequently make the error of applying mascara first. Apply your adhesive false lashes first, then curl them (if you're wearing them). For a variety of reasons, according to Jaber, you should always begin with bare lashes. When you use mascara, it reduces the likelihood that your eyelashes will adhere to the curler.

It keeps your lashes from bunching up or appearing spidery.

In the long term, it keeps your curler a lot cleaner.

Step 2: Look downward

Jaber suggests looking down when curling your lashes to prevent nicking your eyelid. She claims you'll have easier access to your lash line and be less likely to nick your sensitive eyelid skin if you gaze down.

Step 3: Gently Lower the clamp.

Your lashes should be close to the open curler. Between the two clamps, the lashes should fall. Clamp down gently, making sure there is no skin in the space between the clamps.

Move the curler away from you if you feel a pinch, advises Crimson. If everything seems OK, you may press harder. To avoid accidentally nicking your skin, the objective is to get as close to your lash line as you can.

Step 4: Hold and pulse.

Once you're at ease, firmly (but not too strongly) push down for around five seconds. Jaber advises using a soft, pulsating beat. On your second eye, repeat the aforementioned procedures.

Step 5: mascara

Once both lashes are curled, apply your preferred mascara to the lashes. Apply as normal, being careful to reach the root as well as the tip of each lash. After that, if you'd like to further separate your lashes, use an eyelash comb.

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