What do you know about manicure tools? They make nails more refined
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What do you know about manicure tools? They make nails more refined

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What do you know about manicure tools? They make nails more refined

What does a manicure kit consist of? We often see these gadgets, but not all of them can be named, and may not be able to make full use of. Today, I will share with you a little knowledge about manicure tools, come to understand it!
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Almost every girl has a manicure kit at home. A manicure bag with a dozen items, big and small. Do you know what they're called? Do you know what each of them is used for? Although there are only a few commonly used pieces, we may as well understand what they are called today, so that when we need to use them, we will not be unable to distinguish them.

Generally, the left side of the manicure bag is the commonly used nail clippers and small clippers, which we are familiar with, do not do too much introduction. A few tools arranged on the right, let's have a good understanding.

manicure set 2.webp
The one on the top side, which looks like a nail clipper, is the diagonal nail clipper. It is used to trim the diagonal edge of the nail, more than the round nail clipper can fit the curvature of the diagonal, so that the nail edge outline is smoother. The next row from left to right, the first one is a nail file. This tool is commonly used to polish the edges of the nails and make the outline of the nails more rounded.

The second is a dead skin fork with a sharp point. The dead skin you use to clean the crevices around the edges of your nails. The frequency of using it is not high, and it is dispensable for girls who only need to cut their nails at ordinary times.

manicure set 3.webp
Next, some kits contained scrapers and acne needles, while others contained tweezers and earpicks. According to different needs, the contents are different. Some kits also have skin pusher to remove dirt from the crevices of your nails. All in all, with these gadgets, it will make your nails cleaner and neater. Learn to use them to care for your nails, will make your nails more delicate and beautiful. It is said that the hand is a woman's second face, if you want to have a pair of beautiful hands, start with taking care of your nails.

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