No matter how bushy your brows are, here's how to shape them
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No matter how bushy your brows are, here's how to shape them

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No matter how bushy your brows are, here's how to shape them

One of those grooming rituals that many guys categorize as "unnecessary, not for me" is trimming the eyebrows. Which is unfortunate because everyone could need an eyebrow trim. The short, easy procedure, performed once every several weeks, will improve your eyebrows' existing contour.

This is due to the fact that shaping your brows differs from plucking them; now is not the time to reduce or alter their contour. Therefore, if it's going to be bushy and attractive, you now have thick brows that won't develop above their limits. The same is true for eyebrows that are thin or normal. Trimming them stops periodic flyaways and that hideously long hair that somehow found its way out (we've all seen such hair). Certainly, this isn't as serious as getting a decent haircut or trimming your nails, but "it's all in the details" applies here. The details include eyebrows. (Just inquire about his legendary pair from our bushy-browed grooming columnist.)

Get ready, then. A few tools, a steady hand, and some degree of familiarity with oneself in the mirror are required.

The Equipment You Need

Comb for mustaches

Get a small-toothed comb to separate the hairs. Here, a mustache comb is ideal. Although it is feasible to trim your brows without a little comb—some guys do it with a fresh, flat-top toothbrush—having one is the first step to purposeful, well-groomed brows.

Little scissors

If you don't want something sharp near your eyes, you can obtain a pair with a rounded tip (usually these are for cutting nose hair), although these might be challenging to use because you're pruning so close to the skin. We advise purchasing specially designed pointed-tip eyebrow scissors.

Eyebrow Trimming Techniques

Examine your face

The first thing you should do is examine your brows and their form because trimming your eyebrows has the potential to go wrong (you over-trim and suddenly you have wispy eyebrows). Look at the ends, the arch, and everything else. This excellence is what we're not trying to compromise on. Plucking is a completely different game if you're thinking about a new form, as I said before. But at the moment, you're only nibbling a little bit off the top. That is all we will do with these steps, then: Snip the ends, then tidy everything up. Keep your focus on that goal.

Comb uphill

Use your teeny-small comb to guide everything vertically, straight up. To make everything seem as bushy and gnarled as possible, you may also comb up and back against the grain. Check out how long those hairs are in reality.

Trim the brow's natural line

Take your little scissors and approach the mirror up close. Hair that protrudes above your brow line should be clipped. Once more, don't compromise the design at all; instead, just cut away any lawn that needs mowing. When you're done, your eyebrow form should be exactly the same. Now that the brow has been neatly combed back into place, you may exhale in satisfaction knowing that your appearance is exactly the same as it was before.

Use your beard trimmer sparingly

Please refrain from trimming eyebrows using an electric clipper unless it is particularly made for that purpose. Additionally, avoid using large scissors. You're about to make a mistake.

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