The Best Nail Clippers for Babies
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The Best Nail Clippers for Babies

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The Best Nail Clippers for Babies

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If you're a new parent shopping for your newborn, it may seem like there are an infinite number of goods to purchase. What about a baby monitor? Check. A never-ending supply of diapers? Check. All of them are anticipated necessities. However, there is one unexpected necessity that you should not overlook: infant nail cutters.

Infant finger nails develop quickly in the first few weeks and months of life. They may grow long and spiky in a matter of days and require frequent pruning. Opens a new window to guarantee that your baby does not scratch her face or body by mistake. Whitney Casares is an actress. M.D., M.P.H., F.A.A.P., suggests inspecting your baby's nails on the third or fourth day following delivery, as this is often when infant nail care is essential. Following the initial trim, you should cut or file your baby's fingernails at least once a week, or more frequently if they develop quicker than intended. (Toenails may need to be trimmed less frequently.) "Make sure to use an infant clipper, as an adult clipper may be too sharp or too wide to safely cut the nail effectively," Dr. Casares advises. To keep your baby's nails short, avoid chewing or peeling them. This is an old-school method that might result in an infection.

Baby nail cutters of many sorts

As Dr. Casares stated, never use an adult nail clipper on a newborn since they are less precise and may harm your infant's skin. Fortunately, there is no lack of infant nail trimmers on the market; they come in a variety of forms, sizes, colors, and technologies.

To assist you, we've broken down the many types of infant nail clippers to help you narrow down your search based on your requirements, all of which are safe to use from birth:

Typical nail clippers: These nail clippers are simple, yet they differ from adult nail cutters in more ways than one. They usually feature a broader and more grippable handle to provide parents with more control while cutting their baby's nails. They also tend to have duller blades that overlap to provide a full and complete cut.

Nail scissors: As the name implies, they are scissors that function effectively to cut your baby's nails at precisely the perfect angle. They function similarly to ordinary scissors, except they are substantially more dull, have a more rounded tip, and have smaller blades. Infant nail scissors, like regular infant nail clippers, feature a wide-grip handle that makes them easier to operate.

Electric nail trimmers: If you want the simplest method for clipping your baby's nails, an electric trimmer is for you. These battery-powered gadgets, which technically file rather than cut, do most of the work for you. Many are equipped with an LED light, which allows you to see what you're doing and assures an equal cut and a pain-free experience.

Files for nails:To use on infant nails, you may also get little, gentler emery boards. You may use them to file down baby's nails on their own or to help soften rough edges after you've done with clippers or scissors. Just keep in mind that filing takes longer than trimming, so you may end up spending more time on your baby's manicure than planned.

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