The easy ways to cut a baby’s nails
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The easy ways to cut a baby’s nails

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The easy ways to cut a baby’s nails

If you're looking for a way to tame those very sharp and scratchy baby nails but are afraid of cutting the tops of your fingers, we've got you covered. Everything from pranks your mother might have played on you to smart modern-day technology designed specifically for the job

When it comes to infant nails, you have four choices:

Pick at the baby's nails.

The simplest, cheapest, and, according to many mothers, safest approach to managing newborn nails is to bite them off with your own teeth.

Use your lips to hold their little finger firmly, and gnaw away at their nails like you would your own. Try it after a bath, when the baby's nails are exceptionally soft.

Nail clipping and snipping

It's the most obvious, yet it frightens mothers. Although they are little, newborns are quite squirmy, and many mothers have accidentally nicked their child's fingers while trying to clip a nail. Invest in a tool designed for the purpose, and you'll be less likely to snip accidentally. Baby nail clippers are meant to trim only what is necessary, and we've selected a few examples below.

Run baby's hands through some powder so it gets under their nails. It makes the section of the nail that has to be clipped much easier to see, so use it as a guide. Just make sure they clean their hands afterwards.

Nail clipping while the infant naps or eats

Here's a great tip that applies to both nibbling and trimming: Wait till the baby is asleep before going in for the snip; they won't know. You may even try it when they're relaxed and eating, as long as it doesn't disturb them too much.

Trim the baby's nails.

To progressively remove the longer piece of the nail, use a standard nail file or one designed specifically for newborns. Take your time, establish a solid grasp, and make sure baby is in a good mood before you begin.

The Best Baby Nail Clippers for Trimming Tiny Nails Easily

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It's no secret that many parents and caregivers are afraid of clipping their baby's nails. Trimming fingernails and toenails, on the other hand, will become second nature with the correct instrument. Whether you use nail clippers, scissors, or a file, having the correct instrument can make your child's mani-pedi experience much more enjoyable. Additionally, keeping your baby's nails short prevents them from scratching themselves.

There are a few things you should know before you start using any tools. "The most important thing to remember about baby nail clipping is that even if you clip the 'white' edge of the nails completely, they are still quite sharp." So, no matter what you do, you cannot eliminate the existence of sharp nails," explains Akron Children's Hospital doctor Arthur Lavin, MD, FAAP. "The purpose of clipping, then, is to remove overgrown nails—which means that all parents have plenty of time to wait for the nail to grow out before clipping." The longer the nail, the easier it is to cut and avoid clipping past the white edge, which can cause discomfort and bleeding."

Consider the sort of instrument you wish to use, the size of the tool, and any other features that may be useful, such as a light or magnification. When assessing items, we took into account design, size, extra features, tool type, simplicity of use, and age recommendations.

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