Tips For Choosing The Best Eyelash Curler For You
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Tips For Choosing The Best Eyelash Curler For You

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Tips For Choosing The Best Eyelash Curler For You

Despite being a relatively small component of the human body, eyelashes have long been the subject of attention. Grand View Research estimates that the market for artificial lashes and eyelash extensions will be worth $1.62 billion in 2021. That is a lot of individuals investing money in goods that claim to give lashes the appearance of being fuller!

Commitment is necessary for both obtaining eyelash extensions and wearing false eyelashes. Thankfully, you can always rely on the ever-dependable eyelash curler to enhance the appearance of your lashes if you're not quite ready to put in the work. It is a "game changer," according to celebrity makeup artist Courtney Housner, who told Vogue that the gadget does wonders for adding volume and length as well as making your eyes larger and more noticeable.

Having said that, you can't just buy the first eyelash curler you see at the pharmacy. Finding the ideal eyelash curler for your unique eye shape, lid size, and lash length involves a lot of consideration.

Observe the form of your eyes.

Even though many eyelash curlers make the promise that they can accommodate all eye shapes, some eye shapes have unique curler requirements. It is preferable to choose one with a curve that matches the shape of your eyes to avoid wasting money on the incorrect one. If you're new to using curlers and want to avoid damaging your lids, you can also seek out ones with rubber pads, as they offer flexibility and make the curling procedure easier.

Your eyelash length is important.

The simplest lashes to curl are those that are naturally long, but what about those who weren't as lucky? If your lashes are on the shorter side, you are aware that they might be difficult to curl. But hold on to hope! Although you'll need to perfect your technique to get the most out of the item, short, straight lashes respond best to little eyelash curlers. It all comes down to choosing the proper angle. You might want to try curling in the direction of your nose and tugging downward, as advised by YouTuber Cococho.

Do hot eyelash curlers merit a try?

Curling irons for the eyelashes are available, sort of, in the same way that there are for hair. Although the thought of putting an electric instrument so close to the eyes is very unnerving, they can be far more successful than ordinary curlers at retaining curls. Heated curlers, according to makeup expert Beck Wainner for Real Simple, are "ideal for creating a more defined lift and prolonging a curl, especially for people who can't seem to hold one." You must use this instrument carefully since there is heat involved. The electric eyelash curler is too hot for your lashes and lids if it is too hot to the touch.

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