What Is the Difference Between Baby Nail Clippers and Adult Nail Clippers?
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What Is the Difference Between Baby Nail Clippers and Adult Nail Clippers?

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What Is the Difference Between Baby Nail Clippers and Adult Nail Clippers?

One of the most terrifying tasks for a new parent is cutting a newborn baby's fingernails. Babies are small, and so are their nails. Furthermore, babies fidget, squirm, and fuss at the most inconvenient moments. Fortunately, baby nail clippers are available to make this chore a little simpler. These clippers are made particularly for clipping the nails on little fingers and toes.

Guards and Size

Baby nail cutters are substantially smaller than adult finger and toe nail clippers. The handles are large enough for parents hands, but the nail clipper's blade area is significantly smaller. This is to prevent you from cutting your baby's fingers and nails. Furthermore, some nail clippers feature guards around the edges to keep your baby's fingers safe from the clipping blades. These blade guards are not seen on most adult clippers.

Lights and magnifiers

Some infant nail trimmers have extra functions that make clipping simpler and safer. Magnifiers on certain baby nail trimmers are meant to help you see your baby's small fingers and cut precisely. Some trimmers also have a tiny light. If your kid is sleeping in a dark environment, this may make it easier to view his fingers and clip his nails. Most adult nail trimmers lack magnifiers and lights.

Scissors for Nails

Some parents choose to cut their baby's nails with nail scissors rather than nail clippers. Scissors are simpler to handle for some parents than nail clippers. If you choose this route, make sure the scissors you use are made for babies nails. These scissors should have a rounded tip and be small enough to fit between a baby's tiny fingers. To avoid dulling the blades and to keep them clean, just use them on your baby's nails.

Baby Nail Care Suggestions

Because newborns move less when they sleep, many parents find it easiest to cut their newborn's nails when he is resting. If you are concerned about cutting your newborn's nails, you may file them instead using an emery board. The nails will be soft enough to file for the first few months, but as your baby develops, you will need to clip his nails. It is not advisable to use your teeth to bite your baby's nails.

To verify that we were recommending items that actual people use and enjoy, we asked our Bonet Beauty community members which baby nail clippers they found most useful and handy throughout their child's first year of life.

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