What to Know About Tongue Scraping
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What to Know About Tongue Scraping

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What to Know About Tongue Scraping

Why Scrape Your Tongue?

To eliminate germs, food scraps, and other detritus from the surface of your tongue, you can use a simple instrument.

It has existed for at least a few thousand years. The Romans carried it out. Victorians carried it out. Even George Washington, who was renowned for his oral issues, participated.

If you merely brush your tongue a few times while brushing your teeth, you can get a similar result. However, according to some specialists, a specialized scraping instrument works better at eliminating plaque and germs from the surface of the tongue.

Benefits of Tongue Scraping

The proper balance of "good" bacteria in your mouth may be preserved by scraping your tongue. This beneficial bacteria may create more nitric oxide, which feeds stem cells and aids in the repair and replacement of older, damaged cells.

Because of this, some researchers believe that routine tongue scraping might reduce cavities, improve taste, and reduce bad breath. However, research in this area is currently relatively restricted.

A "coated tongue," which refers to an accumulation of microorganisms and dead cells that could be caused by things like:

1. Use of medications

2. Smoking

3. Dry mouth

4. Unreliable brushing

5. Yeast contamination

Thus, despite the paucity of studies, tongue scraping is safe if done properly. Additionally, many individuals like the feeling of having their tongue feel completely clean afterward.

Selecting a Tongue Scraper

You have a variety of alternatives to choose from online. These consist of:

The conventional brush tongue scraper has a long handle like a toothbrush and a tip with ridges or short bristles to scrape down the tongue. You'll need to make many passes because they aren't large enough to completely cover the tongue at once. It is recommended to swap them out every three to four months for frequent use.

A thin plastic wire twisted into a U shape is used to make plastic tongue scrapers.

Typically, metal tongue scrapers are made of a thin, U-shaped wire. For further information, check the package or visit the manufacturer's website. They often last longer than plastic ones. You can often clean your whole tongue in one pass with proper positioning, but you might still want to make more than one. If they are periodically cleaned, tongue scrapers made of copper and stainless steel can be used indefinitely. Some people enjoy the antimicrobial qualities of copper.

If you're undecided, discuss your choices with your dentist or hygienist.

It Can't Take the Place of Good Dental hygiene.

The American Oral Association states that while tongue scraping is not harmful, it is not essential for optimal oral care.

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